Organizing Committee

Chairlady: Prof. Joan Zuo
Vice Chairman: Mr. Edwin Lam
Past Chairman: Mr. Johnny Wong
Honorary Secretary: Mr. Michael Yim
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Paul Lam
Programme Committee: Dr. Chui-ping Lee (Chair)  
Ms. Dora Chan Mr. Michael Ling
Prof. Billy Ng Mr. Vincent Wong
Abstract Committee: Dr. Teddy Lam (Chair)
Mr. Franco Cheng
Sponsorship Committee: Ms. Michelle Zheng (Chair)
Mr. Kemo Lam
Ceremonial and Social Committee: Prof. Joyce You (Chair)
Mr. Rex Ng Dr. Bilvick Tai
Public Relations and Hospitality Committee: Ms. Anita Chan (Chair)
Mr. Dick Sung
Publication Committee: Prof. Yin-ting Cheung (Chair)
Dr. May Lam
Registration and Promotion Committee: Mr. Kemo Lam (Chair)
Ms. Dora Chan Mr. Andrew Cheng
Ms. Crystal Fung Ms. Sue Ho
Ms. Jasmine Lam Ms. Jasmine Lo
Ms. Rosetti Shum Ms. Lyanna Tam
Mr. Sam Tang Ms. Truda Tsoi
Ms. Tracy Yau  
Logistics Committee: Mr. Michael Yim (Chair)
IT Committee: Mr. Kenneth Yiu (Chair)
Student Coordination Committee: Ms. Keary Zhou (Chair)
Ms. Eliza Tam