Organizing Committee

Chairman Dr. Simon So
Past Chairman Mr. Lot Chan
Vice Chairlady Ms. Phoebe Chan
Honorary Secretary / Logistics Committee Chair Mr. Michael Yim
Honorary Treasurer Mrs. Mary Cheng
Programme Committee Chairs Mr. Kenneth Cheung
Ms. Sau-chu Chiang
Abstract Committee Chairs Professor Teddy Lam
Dr. George Leung
Sponsorship Committee Chairs Mr. Kemo Lam
Professor Vivian Lee
Ceremonial and Social Programme Chairs Ms. Eva Chu
Mr. Kenneth Yiu
Public Relations and Liaison Chair Mr. Benjamin Kwong
Publications Committee Chairs Dr. Hon-yeung Cheung
Dr. May Lam
Registration Committee Chair Mr. Matthew Wong
Logistics Committee Chair Mr. Jacky Chan
IT Committee Chair Mr. Tom Chan
Student Coordination Committee Chairs Ms. Eliza Tam
Dr. Keary Zhou