Winners for Best Oral Presentation Award, Best ePoster Presentation Award and Most Popular ePoster Award

  1. Best Oral Presentation Award
    Implementation of a Computer-assisted Gravimetric Checking System for Chemotherapy Compounding in a Children Hospital in Hong Kong (Ab09)
    Mr. Hong-yu Cho (Hong Kong) and Mr. Hei-kiu Tse (Hong Kong)
  2. Best ePoster Presentation Award
    Impact of Pharmacist-led Lipid-lowering Therapy Optimization for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: A Prospective Study in North District Hospital (Ab06)
    Ki-him Ho (Hong Kong)
  3. Most Popular ePoster Award
    COVID-19 Epidemic Impact on the Inpatient Pharmacy Service of a Private Hospital under the Public-Private Partnership Program (Ab10)
    Yin-ting Ip (Hong Kong)